Saturday, August 7, 2021

Top Five Favorite "BURN NOTICE" Season Two (2008-2009) Episodes


Below is a list of my favorite episodes from Season Two of the USA Network series, "BURN NOTICE". Created by Matt Nix, the series starred Jeffrey Donovan:


1. (2.13) "Bad Breaks" - Madeline Westen asks her son, former C.I.A. agent Michael Westen, to help a friend, a bank executive, to shake off a stalker. However, that stalker proves to be the ringleader of a bank heist and both Michael and Central Security Service (CSS) Agent Jason Bly end up as hostages during the heist, after the latter shows up to shake off Michael's control over him via blackmail.

2. (2.08) "Double Booked" - Michael's former C.I.A. mentor, "Dead" Larry Sizemore, appears in Miami in an attempt to convince the former to help him carry out a contract on behalf of a young man, who wants his step-mother dead in order to inherit his ailing father's wealth. Michael accepts the job in order to protect the step-mother. Tim Matheson guest-starred.

3. (2.16) "Lesser Evil" - Carla Baxter, the mid-ranking member of the organization that burned Michael, goes after him and his loved ones when he failed to kill Victor Stecker-Epps, another former C.I.A. agent who had been burned by the organization to acquire his employment and who went rogue.

4. (2.05) "Scatter Point" - A former convict hoping to move on with his life and stay clean comes to Michael for help when a heist mastermind pressures him to become involved in an upcoming heist involving jewels. Meanwhile, the girlfriend of Michael's close friend and colleague, Sam Axe, proposes marriage and forces the latter to confess to a serious past indiscretion. Oded Fehr and Robin Givens guest-starred.

5. (2.07) "Rough Seas" - Virgil Watkins, one of Michael's former clients, returns to seek the latter's help in retrieving millions of dollars worth of medicine stolen from a medical missions clinic by mercenary pirates. Meanwhile, Michael's colleague and ex-girlfriend Fiona Glenanne introduces him to Seymour, an eccentric black market arms expert who can get them information about the sniper rifle that Victor had stolen on behalf of Carla's organization. Chris Ellis guest-starred.

Honorable Mention: (1.12) "Seek and Destroy" - Michael helps a woman track down her dead artist father's stolen painting. He also turns to a familiar arms dealer for help in tracking down the bomber who nearly killed him. Joel Gretsch and M.C. Gainey guest-starred.

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