Sunday, July 8, 2018

Favorite D.C. COMICS Moments in Movies and Television

Below is a list of my favorite scenes from various movies and television shows featuring D.C. Comics characters:


1.  "Justice League" (2017)  - Barry Allen aka the Flash tries . . . and fails to save his Justice League colleagues from the paranoia and wrath of an amnesiac and resurrected Clark Kent aka Superman.

2.  "Batman v. Superman:  Dawn of Justice" (2016) - D.C. Comics original trinity - Superman, Wonder Woman and Batman - gather together for the first time in a live action production, when they team up to take down Doomsday, the monster created by Lex Luthor.

3.  "Legends of Tomorrow" (2.07) "Invasion!" (2016) - The Arrowverse heroes gather for a final confrontation against a group of alien invaders known as the Dominators in this crossover event.

4.  "Suicide Squad" (2016) - Chato Santana aka El Diablo confesses the true details about the death of his family to his Suicide Squad colleagues in a bar in this poignant scene.

5.  "Legends of Tomorrow" (2.14) "Moonshot" - Legends member Dr. Martin Stein aka Firestorm I, distracts the Mission Control members at NASA circa 1970 with his rendition of "The Banana Boat Song", while the other half of Firestorm, Jefferson Jackson, work to prevent them from detecting Dr. Ray Palmer aka the Atom from moving the Apollo 13 capsule.

6.  "Superman Returns" (2006) - In a spectacular action sequence, Superman saves both a space shuttle in route to a launching pad and the jet plane conveying it, following a nationwide power outage.

7.  "Wonder Woman" (2017) - A determined Princess Diana of Themyscira aka Wonder Woman leads the charge against a battlefield dubbed as "No Man's Land" in an effort to reach a Belgium town and General Erich Ludendorff, whom she believes is Ares, the God of War.

8.  "Batman v. Superman:  Dawn of Justice" (2016) - Bruce Wayne aka the Batman battles against thugs hired by Lex Luthor in order to save Superman's mother, Martha Kent, from them.

9.  "Man of Steel" (2013) - In this controversial scene, Superman is forced to save a family of humans by killing the last remaining Kryptonian, General Zod.

10.  "Superman:  The Movie" (1978) - Superman makes his first appearance in Metropolis, when he saves Daily Planet reporter Lois Lane after her fall from a damaged helicopter, atop the Planet building.

11.  "Arrow" (5.17) "Kapiushon" (2017) - After being tortured for a while by the villainous Promethus, a distraught Oliver Queen aka the Green Arrow finally admits his penchant for killing.

12.  "Lois and Clark: The New Adventures of Superman" (1.12) "All Shook Up" (1994) - While a deadly meteor streaks toward Earth, Jonathan and Martha Kent tries to convince their adoptive son, an amnesiac Clark Kent, that he is Superman.

13.  "Batman v. Superman:  Dawn of Justice" (2016) - Various journalists, commentators and scientists debate in a montage scene about Superman's true nature and goal on Earth.

14.  "The Flash" (3.23) "Finish Line" (2017) - Before a defeated and vindictive Savitar can kill the Flash, the latter's fiancee, Iris West, shoots him dead.

15.  "Lois and Clark: The New Adventures of Superman" (2.18) "Tempus Fugitive" (1995) - The vindictive and sarcastic evil time traveler, Tempus, reveals Superman's true identity to an astonished Lois Lane.

16.  "Batman v. Superman:  Dawn of Justice" (2016) - Clark and Lois enjoy a sexy respite in a bathtub, following a serious discussion over his rescue of her in North Africa.

17.  "Batman" (1989) - Bruce Wayne aka Batman crashes through the glass roof of  Gotham City's Museum of Art in order to save photojournalist Vicky Vale from criminal Jack Napier aka the Joker.

18.  "Legends of Tomorrow" (2.17) "Aruba" (2017) - Before he can kill Legends leader Sara Lance aka White Canary, the villainous speedster Eobard Thawne aka Reverse-Flash is killed by Black Flash, the Speed Force enforcer and former villain Hunter Zolomon aka Zoom.

19.  "Green Hornet" (2011) - Newspaper publisher Bret Reid aka the Green Hornet and his partner Kato are chased along a Los Angeles highway by minions of gangster Benjamin Chudnofsky in order to prevent them from publishing an article exposing a corrupt district attorney in Chudnofsky's pay.

20.  "Gotham" (1.01) "Pilot" (2014) - Rookie police detective James "Jim" Gordon of the corrupt Gotham City Police Department is forced to fake the death of minion Oswald Copperpot aka the Penguin, after being ordered to kill the latter by gangster Carmine Falcone.

Honorable Mention:  "Batman Begins" (2005) - Batman refuses to save the life of his former mentor Henri Ducard aka Ra's al Ghul from a runaway monorail, after foiling the latter's plans to destroy Gotham City.