Tuesday, March 20, 2018

Five Favorite Episodes of "THE FLASH" Season One (2014-2015)

Below is a list of my five favorite episodes from Season One of the CW series, "THE FLASH".  Created by Greg Berlanti, Geoff Johns, and Andrew Kreisberg; the series stars Grant Gustin as Barry Allen aka the Flash:


1.  (1.15) "Out of Time" - A meta-human criminal named Mark Mardon returns to Central City to seek revenge against Barry Allen aka the Flash's guardian, Detective Joe West.  

2.  (1.23) "Fast Enough" - In this season finale, Barry Allen contemplates on going back in time fifteen years earlier to prevent his nemesis, Eobard Thawne aka Reverse-Flash, from killing his mother.

3.  (1.13) "Nuclear Man" - Team Flash attempt to help scientist Dr. Martin Stein and STAR Labs engineer Ronnie Raymond, whose atoms have been in conflict ever since the lab accident.  The team discovers that their merged bodies forms into a being with a powerful fire power.  Meanwhile, Joe enlists the help of STAR Labs' other engineer, Cisco Ramon, to investigate Nora Allen's murder.

4.  (1.07) "Power Outage" - While the Flash's speed is drained by a meta-human with electrical energy, a murderous thief named William Tockman aka the Clock King holds Joe, his fellow cops and his daughter Iris hostage at the police station.

5.  (1.10) "Revenge of the Rogues" - Thief Leonard Snart aka Captain Cold makes a second appearance in Central City with a new partner in tow, Mick Rory aka Heatwave.  Snart and Rory hope to set a trap for the Flash in order to prevent the latter from interfering in a heist.

Honorable Mention - (1.17) "Tricksters" - Twenty years ago, a criminal named Jesse James aka the Trickster terrorized Central Ctity.  A copycat has appeared to carry on the original criminal's misdeeds.  Flashbacks reveal how the Reverse Flash assumed the persona of Harrison Wells, owner of STAR Labs.

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