Thursday, November 2, 2017

“Henry Cavill’s Comments on the DCEU”

I just read this article about Henry Cavill’s comments on the first three or four films of the D.C. Comics movie franchise aka the DCEU.  Needless to say, I am disappointed.
I am really disappointed that Henry Cavill had made that comment in the first place.  It was bad enough when Gal Gadot made that statement about Zack Snyder’s portrayal of Wonder Woman in "BATMAN V. SUPERMAN: DAWN OF JUSTICE" and now this.  I get the feeling that Warner Bros. and Geoff Johns are trying ret-con the franchise and are using its actors to support their actions. I realize that many would agree with both Cavill and Gadot’s statements, but I do not.

It is amazing how people can be so hypocritical. For years, comic book fans, moviegoers and critics have complained about the one-dimensional portrayal of Superman as some glorified boy scout. When Zack Snyder finally portrayed Superman as a complex individual with virtues, flaws and emotional issues, people did a reverse and started bitching about how "depressing", etc. Superman was and wanted him to return being that glorified boy scout.
I am not one of those moviegoers who feel that a certain genre has to be stuck in some kind of style or method of storytelling.  I refuse to get sucked into that kind of one-dimensional mentality.  But if the moviegoers want the DCEU movie franchise to follow a similar narrow-minded house style that Marvel has succumbed, with a heavy emphasis on humor and no criticism of modern society, then I can assume that is what Warner Bros. will give them.
These critics and moviegoers will finally get what they deserve.  And quite frankly, I feel they do not deserve much, because it is quite apparent that many of today’s critics and moviegoers are incapable of appreciating non-conformist or challenging storytelling in any kind of movie or television genre.

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