Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Top Five Favorite "REVENGE" Season Two (2012-2013) Episodes

Below is a list of my top five favorite episodes from Season Two of ABC's "REVENGE". Created by Mike Kelley and loosely based upon Alexandre Dumas père's novel, "The Count of Monte Cristo", the series starred Madeline Stowe and Emily VanCamp: 


1. (2.14) "Sacrifice" - The Graysons put on a bold showing at their annual Labor Day party. Meanwhile, Jack Porter and Amanda Clarke aka Emily Thorne's sea bound honeymoon is disrupted by an unwelcome stowaway determined to get his hands on a piece of evidence that implicates Conrad and Victoria Grayson.

2. (2.04) "Intuition" - Victoria throws a baby shower for a pregnant Amanda in order to ascertain the latter's threat to her family. And Emily Thorne aka Amanda Clarke learns that her mentally unstable mother had tried to drown her when she was young.

3. (2.22) "Truth, Part II" - In the season finale, a tragic bombing of the Graysons' Manhattan building forces Emily to re-evaluate her request for revenge against the family.

4. (2.20) "Engagement" - Emily's colleague and former lover, Aiden Mathis struggle with his feelings over her revived engagement with Daniel Grayson. Meanwhile, he has a confrontation with their mentor, Satoshi Takeda, over the true reason why the latter is willing to guide Emily in her quest of revenge against the Graysons.

5. (5.08) "Lineage" - This episode is a flashback to 2006 in which Victoria and her family has Thanksgiving dinner with her mercenary mother and the latter's fiance. Also, Emily and Aiden meet for the first time, while they both seek the whereabouts of a particular man for different reasons.

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