Monday, July 3, 2017

"LOST": Abusive Relationship



While reading a review of the "LOST" Season Two episode, (2.09) "What Kate Did", I came across a few comments from the author, who claimed that Kate Austen and James "Sawyer" Ford had a deeper connection than Kate ever did with fellow castaway, Dr. Jack Shephard. Personally, I disagree. 

Despite the "chemistry" between Kate and Sawyer, I have never regarded their relationship as a healthy one. In many ways, their relationship not only reminded me of the marriage between Kate’s biological parents, but that SHE is a chip of her father’s block. I am surprised that no one else had noticed this, but if Kate and Sawyer had developed a serious romance, chances are it would have become an abusive one. Only Kate would have been the abuser and Sawyer, her victim. 

I am surprised by Kate’s claim that Sawyer reminded her of her father, Wayne Jensen. Frankly, she had always reminded me of her father … but without the alcoholism. Worse, I do not think Kate ever really loved Sawyer the way she did Jack. She had deep emotions for Sawyer, but they were never as strong as her feelings for Jack. She was never above using Sawyer as an emotional salve every time she and Jack had a falling out. And Sawyer, like Diane Jensen, always took Kate’s abuse, whether she was sexually using him as a bed warmer or resorting to violence whenever he said or did something that angered her. Sawyer realized this by the Season Four episode, (4.04) "Eggtown". But I suspect that she would have still been able to emotionally manipulate him for her benefit.

So no, I do not believe that Kate and Sawyer had a "connection" . . . or a healthy one at best.

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