Friday, March 3, 2017

Five Favorite Episodes of "EMPIRE" Season One (2015)

Below are images from Season One of the FOX TV series, "EMPIRE".   Created by Lee Daniels and Danny Strong, the series stars Terrence Howard and Taraji P. Henson:


1.  (1.07) "Our Dancing Days" - Empire Entertainment hold an investors' party, while members of the Lyon family endure setbacks and failed relationships.  Also, oldest son Andre Lyon has a breakdown, while the estranged exes, Lucious and Cookie Lyon, are caught making love by Lucious' current fiancee, Anika Calhoun.

2.  (1.01) "Pilot" - CEO of Empire Entertainment, Lucious Lyon, is preparing for Empire's upcoming IPO when he is diagnosed with ALS and is given only three years to live. While he plans to announce one of his three sons to eventually replace him, his ex-wife Loretha "Cookie" Lyon, is released from prison after 17 years and demands half of Empire.

3.  (1.08) "The Lyon's Roar" - As part of a family legacy and to reconcile everybody, Lucious wants Cookie, Jamal, Hakeem and him to record a song together. Andre, who is not musically talented, feels left out and tries to be voted interim CEO in case Lucious becomes incapacitated, but the latter refuses. 

4.  (1.05) "Dangerous Bonds" - Cookie receives an anonymous gift she suspects may be a veiled threat from a person from her past.  Meanwhile, Lucious proposes marriage to Anika and asks her father, a medical doctor, to sign a false health certificate which he needs for his IPO.

5.  (1.12) "Who Am I?" - As the time comes for the Empire stock launch and the celebratory tribute concert, Lucious picks his successor for the company's CEO.  As Lucious gets ready to perform at his legacy concert, he is arrested for allegedly killing Cookie's blackmailing cousin, Bunkie. 

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