Sunday, November 27, 2016

Favorite PRESIDENTIAL Movie and Television Productions

In acknowledgment of the recent Presidential Election, below is a list of my favorite movie and television productions about U.S. Presidents - historical and fictional: 


1. "John Adams" (2008) - Tom Hanks produced this Emmy-award winning adaptation of David McCullough's 2001 biography about the second U.S. president. Directed by Tom Hooper, Paul Giamatti and Laura Linney starred.

2. "All the President's Men" - Robert Redford and Dustin Hoffman starred in this award winning adaptation of Carl Bernstein and Bob Woodward's 1974 book about the Watergate scandal. Alan J. Pakula directed.

3. "Lincoln" (2012) - Steven Spielberg directed this Oscar nominated biopic about President Abraham Lincoln's efforts to pass the Thirteenth Amendment. Oscar winner Daniel Day-Lewis and Oscar nominee Sally Field starred.

4. "L.B.J.: The Early Years" (1987) - Golden Globe winner Randy Quaid and Patti LuPone starred in this two-part television movie about President Lyndon B. Johnson's private and political years before becoming U.S. President. Peter Werner directed.

5. "Lincoln" (1988) - Sam Waterston and Mary Tyler Moore starred in this Emmy-nominated adaptation of Gore Vidal's 1984 novel about the 16th president during the U.S. Civil War. Emmy winner Lamont Johnson directed.

6. "The West Wing" (1999-2006) - Aaron Sorkin created this Emmy winning political drama about a fictitious Presidential administration. Martin Sheen and John Spencer starred.

7. "My Fellow Americans" (1996) - Jack Lemmon and James Garner starred in this political comedy about two U.S. presidents and political rivals who join forces to expose the corrupt current U.S. President. Peter Segal directed.

8. "The American President" (1995) - Michael Douglas and Annette Bening starred in this romantic comedy-drama about a widowed U.S. President who becomes romantically involved with an environmental lobbyist. The movie was directed by Rob Reiner and written by Aaron Sorkin.

9. "Eleanor and Franklin" (1976) - Edward Herrmann and Jane Alexander starred in this Emmy-winning television adaptation of Joseph P. Lash's 1971 biography about President Franklin D. Roosevelt and First Lady Eleanor Roosevelt. Daniel Petrie directed.

10. "Dave" (1993) - Kevin Kline and Sigourney Weaver starred in this comedy about an owner of a Washington D.C. temporary employment agency who is recruited to impersonate the U.S. President after the latter suffers a severe stroke, while having sex with his mistress. The movie was directed by Ivan Reitman and written by Gary Ross.

Honorable Mentioned: "Dick" (1999) - Kristen Dunst and Michelle Williams starred in this parody of the Watergate scandal. Andrew Fleming directed.

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