Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Fan Perception of Ana-Lucia Cortez

I have a confession to make.  I did not watch the ABC series “LOST” from the beginning.  In fact, I did not start watching the series until (2.02) “Adrift”, the second episode of Season Two.  However, I could barely maintain interest in the show, until the Season Two episode,(2.04) “Everybody Hates Hugo”.  
To be honest, there was nothing particularly special about that episode.  But there was one scene that really made me sit up and notice.  This scene featured a moment in which Tail Section survivor Ana-Lucia Cortez punched James “Sawyer” Ford.  I cheered when that happened, because … well, I found Sawyer rather annoying.  Unbeknownst to me, Sawyer was already a fan favorite by this time and many fans were upset by Ana-Lucia’s act of violence.  
They were even further upset when she accidentally shot and killed fuselage survivor, Shannon Rutherford near the end of (2.06) “Abandoned”.  It was an accident and Ana-Lucia thought she was defending herself from an attack by the Others, following the disappearance of fellow Tailie Cindy Chandler.  Mind you, Season One (which I saw, thanks to the release of its DVD box set) featured Charlie Pace’s murder of a defenseless Ethan Rom, Jin Kwon and Michael Dawson’s beatings of each other, a fight between Sawyer and Sayid Jarrah, and Shannon’s attempted murder of John Locke for lying about the circumstances of her step-brother Boone Carlyle’s death.  But it was Ana-Lucia’s accidental killing of Shannon that pissed them off - even to this day.
But it was the seventh episode from Season Two that sealed my fate as a regular viewer of “LOST”- namely (2.07) “The Other 48 Days”.  This episode conveyed the experiences of Ana-Lucia and the other Tail Section passengers of Oceanic Flight 315 during their first 48 days on the island.  To this day, “The Other 48 Days” remains my favorite “LOST” episode of all time.  But I also noticed that the fan opinion of Ana-Lucia remained at an all time low.  
As the years passed, I never understood the fans’ low opinion of Ana-Lucia.  She did not seem any better or worse than many of the other characters on the show.  Honestly.  During my years of watching the series, I was surprised to discover how unpleasant or annoying many of the regular characters could be, including the golden quartet - Dr. Jack Shephard, Kate Austen, Sawyer and Hugo “Hurley” Reyes.  Even a borderline villain like Ben Linus proved to be more popular than Ana-Lucia.  I found myself wondering if the series’ decision to make her a leader of the Tailies made her so unpopular.  A Latina woman who did not live up to the fans’ ideal of the early 21st century white woman?  At first I had dismissed the idea … until I read this article by Theresa Basile called “Lost Season 2: What if Ana-Lucia Was a White Guy?”.  Here is the article.

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