Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Flashback: "SUPERMAN RETURNS" (2006) Review


The 2006 Summer movie season was a memorable one for me.  I never got around to review movies like"MISSION IMPOSSIBLE III""POSEIDON""THE DaVINCI'S CODE", and "X-MEN 3: THE LAST STAND". I had just started on my first blog and never really bothered to put much effort into a movie review.  However, I did managed to write a few words about "SUPERMAN RETURNS".

I wish I could say that I had loved "SUPERMAN RETURNS". I wish I could say that I found it very original. I wish I could . . . but I cannot. Because I would be lying if I had said so. Do not get me wrong . . .  "SUPERMAN RETURNS" was a pretty good movie. Well . . . it was entertaining.  And the movie featured a first-rate performance from leading man Brandon Routh as Clark Kent aka Superman.  Unfortunately, the movie also turned out to be something of a disappointment for me.

First of all, I felt that it was a big mistake on director Bryan Singer's part to continue the story following 1981's  "SUPERMAN II".  It was bad enough that he had re-used John Williams' score and Marlon Brando's image as Jor-El. But he also used plot lines from the 1978 film, "SUPERMAN"(1978). He re-hashed the following: 

*Lois' rooftop meeting with Superman, followed by a flight over Metropolis

*Some of Chris Reeves' dialogue

*Lex Luthor's plot to destroy part of the U.S. for a land swindle (which was not handled very effectively).

Singer also borrowed the love triangle from Marvel's 2004 movie, "SPIDER-MAN 2" . . . but with only a few twists. 

In the end, I could not tell whether the movie was a sequel to "SUPERMAN II" or a remake of "SUPERMAN". Very confusing and very disappointing. Although it was a pretty good movie with a first-class cast, it was also the most unoriginal comic book hero flick I have ever seen. Singer could have done better. I rated the movie a “B-“.

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