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Top Ten Favorite Novels Set During the Antebellum Era

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Below is a list of my favorite novels set during the Antebellum Era - namely the decades between the War of 1812 and the Civil War: 


1-North and South by John Jakes

1. "North and South" (1982) by John Jakes - The first in John Jakes' trilogy about the lives of two families - the Hazards of Pennsylvania and the Mains of South Carolina - in the mid 19th century. This novel is set during the last two decades before the outbreak of the Civil War.

2-Flashman and the Redskins by George MacDonald Fraser

2. "Flashman and the Redskins" (1982) by George MacDonald Fraser - This seventh entry in George MacDonald Fraser's Flashman Papers is about the experiences of British Army officer Harry Flashman in the American Old West, during the California Gold Rush and the mid-1870s.

3-The Furies by John Jakes

3. "The Furies" (1976) by John Jakes - The third novel in John Jakes' Kent Family Chronicles is about former Boston heiress and single mother Amanda Kent, who experiences the Battle of the Alamo and the California Gold Rush, before getting caught up in the abolitionist movement in 1852 New York City.

4-Beulah Land by Lonnie Coleman

4. "Beulah Land" (1973) by Lonnie Coleman - This first novel about the Kendrick family and their southeastern Georgia plantation, is set during the first half of the 19th century.

5-A Woman Called Moses by Marcy Heidish

5. "A Woman Called Moses" (1970s) by March Heidish - This historical novel is based upon the life of former slave and Underground Railroad conductor Harriet Tubman, during the years before the Civil War.

6-Flash For Freedom

6. "Flash For Freedom!" (1971) by George MacDonald Fraser - This third entry in George MacDonald Fraser's Flashman Paper is about Harry Flashman's experiences with the Trans-Atlantic slave trade and the Underground Railroad Movement during the late 1840s. Set right before "Flashman and the Redskins".

7-Before the Darkness Falls by Eugenia Price

7. "Before the Darkness Falls" (1988) by Eugenia Price - This third entry of Eugenia Price's Savannah Quartet tells the story of the Browning-Latimer family and their friends during the tumultuous 1840s.

8-Jubilee by Margaret Walker

8. "Jubilee" (1966) by Margaret Walker - This novel is about the personal experiences of a bi-racial slave and her struggles to survive before, during and after the Civil War.

9-Flashman and the Angel of the Lord by George MacDonald Fraser

9. "Flashman and the Angel of the Lord" (1994) - This tenth entry in George MacDonald Fraser's Flashman Papers about the circumstances that led British Army officer Harry Flashman to become involved with abolitionist John Brown and the Harper's Ferry Raid in 1859.

10-Swans Chance by Celeste De Blasis

10. "Swan's Chance" by Celeste De Blasis - This is the second of Celeste De Blasis' Wild Swan Trilogy about an English immigrant named Alexandra Thaine and her family's experiences during the Antebellum Era and the Civil War, in Maryland.

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