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Below is a list of my favorite period drama television series. Since this list consists only of television series, there are no miniseries or television movies on this list: 


1 -  Homefront

1. "HOMEFRONT" (1991-1993; ABC) - This superb, award winning television series focused on the early years of of a small town in post-World War II Ohio. The series was created by Lynn Marie Latham and Bernard Lechowick.

2 - Agatha Christie Poirot

2. "AGATHA CHRISTIE'S POIROT" (1989-2013; ITV) - David Suchet starred as Agatha Chrsitie's most famous sleuth, Hercule Poirot, in this long-running series that adapted her Poirot novels and short stories.

3 - The Adventures of Brisco County Jr.

3. "THE ADVENTURES OF BRISCO COUNTY, JR." (1993-1994; FOX) - Bruce Campbell starred as a Harvard-educated bounty hunter in this hilarious Western/science-fiction series that sadly only lasted a season. The series was created by Jeffrey Boam and Carlton Cuse.


4. "THE AMERICANS" (2013-Present; FX) - Keri Russell and Matthew Rhys starred in this underappreciated gem about a pair of KGB agents who pose as a married couple with kids, while engaging in spy activities for the Soviet Union in Washington D.C., during the 1980s. Joe Weisberg created the series.

4 - Boardwalk Empire

5. "BOARDWALK EMPIRE" (2010-2014; HBO) - Terence Winter created this award winning crime drama about Atlantic City, New Jersey during the Prohibition era. Inspired by Nelson Johnson's 2002 book, "Boardwalk Empire: The Birth, High Times and Corruption of Atlantic City", the series starred Steve Buscemi.

5 - Mad Men

6. "MAD MEN" (2007-2015; AMC) - Matthew Weiner created this award winning series about an advertisement executive, his colleagues and family during the 1960s. Jon Hamm starred.

6 - Once Upon a Time

7. "ONCE UPON A TIME" (2011-Present; ABC) - Adam Horowitz and Edward Kitsis created this imaginative fantasy drama about a fictional Maine town, whose residents are characters from various fairy tales transported to the "real world".

7 - The Young Riders

8. "THE YOUNG RIDERS" (1989-1992; ABC) - Ed Spielman created this well-written Western about a group of Pony Express riders (fictional and historical) in the Nebraska Territory before the outbreak of the Civil War.

8 - Copper

9. "COPPER" (2012-2013; BBC America) - Tom Fontana and Will Rokos created this period drama about an Irish immigrant New York City police officer during the last year of the Civil War. Tom Weston-Jones starred.

9 - The Tudors

10. "THE TUDORS" (2007-2010; Showtime) - Jonathan Rhys-Meyers and Henry Cavill starred in this four-season historical drama about the reign of King Henry VIII. Michael Hirst created the series.

10 - Pan Am

Honorable Mention: "PAN AM" (2011-2012; ABC) - Jack Orman created this fun, yet melodramatic series about four Pan Am stewardesses during the beginning of the commercial Jet Age, during the early 1960s.

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