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"Death Undone" (R) - Prologue

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RATING: R – Violence, sexual situations and character death
SUMMARY: Disaster follows in the wake of the deaths of Cole and Olivia Turner; and Piper and Wyatt Halliwell. Set after "Requiem For Magic".
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DISCLAIMER: Cole Turner, The Charmed Ones, Leo Wyatt, Chris Halliwell and Darryl Morris belong to Constance Burge, Brad Kern and Spelling Productions. Olivia McNeill Turner, the McNeills, Andre and Cecile Morell, Artemus and Scott Yi are thankfully, my creations.




Source's Realm – Alternate Dimension

Cole Turner aka Belthazor shimmered into the spacious cavern that served as the Source's Throne Room. Many of the Realm's upper-level daemons were there, either chatting amiably with friends or glaring at their enemies as they awaited the arrival of the Source.

"Belthazor?" The familiar voice took Cole by surprise. He whirled around and found himself facing his mother. The auburn-haired daemon regarded her only child with wide blue eyes. "What in Caspiel's name are you doing here? This is supposed to be a meeting for the Source's Council and leaders of the sects. Nimue aka Elizabeth Farrell Turner happened to be one of the sect leaders in the Thorn Brotherhood – one of twelve demonic orders within the Source's Realm.

It occurred to the half-daemon that for the first time in his life, he might be more powerful than his mother. Thanks to Olivia's theft of a more powerful Belthazor's abilities from an alternate universe, he could kill his mother or just about any other magical being. Cole stared at his mother and smiled. She gasped slightly. "Is there something wrong, Mother?" he asked lightly.

Nimue hesitated. "For a moment, you had the oddest expression on your face." She shook her head. "Never mind. What are you doing here?"

"I believe there is to be a meeting of the Source's Council," Cole replied. "Why else would I be here?"

"You're not a Council member," Nimue snapped. "Or a sect leader."

Cole's smile widened. "The day is still young."

"What do you mean by that?" Nimue briefly glanced away and her eyes widened in shock. "What in the bloody hell? Who is she?"

Cole's gaze followed his mother's. He waved at Olivia Mc Neill, his red-haired paramour, who had just entered the chamber. A smile touched her lips as she strode toward mother and son. Cole greeted the warlock with a brief kiss. "Mother, I would like you to meet Olivia McNeill."

The demoness regarded Olivia with wide eyes. "McNeill? One would mistake you for a Morgan. You're almost the spitting of . . . her."

Olivia nodded. "By 'her', I assume that you're referring to Briana Morgan? My illustrious ancestor?"


"Yes, on my mother's side."

Before Nimue could continue, two male daemons appear beside the trio. One of them, a tall fair-haired man with a fleshy countenance, frowned at Cole. "Belthazor! What are you doing here? This is a meeting for Council members and sect leaders." Like Nimue, Vornac happened to be a sect leader within the Thorn Brotherhood. Cole served under his sect.

"I have information for the Source and the Council," Cole smoothly replied.

The second daemon, a dark-haired man named Raynor, glared at Cole through narrow eyes. "Then you should have reported the information to myself . . . or to Vornac. You know the rules, Belthazor." Raynor's gaze caught sight of Olivia. "And that includes inviting warlocks to the Council chambers."

A smirk appeared on Cole's lips. "Considering the origins of our fearless leaders, I did not see how anyone would protest."

"Belthazor!" his mother admonished.

At that moment, a daemon in a black suit, holding a staff, appeared before the gathering. He banged the staff on the ground three times, capturing everyone's attention. "Everyone, please take your positions!'

Raynor detached himself from the others to join the other Council members that formed a half circle around a trio of thrones. Vornac and Nimue, as sect leaders, gathered near Raynor. So did Cole and Olivia.

A burst of flames illuminated the rocky chamber. Three figures materialized in front of the thrones. Three figures that resembled dark-haired human females, dressed in similar black gowns made from silk. Cole inhaled sharply at the sight of the three Halliwell sisters. Formerly known as the Charmed Ones, they now ruled the Source's Realm. The half-daemon's eyes shifted toward the youngest sister, Phoebe. The evil bitch who had made the past year of his miserable by insisting that he become her personal stud.

The demonic adjutant banged his staff again. "Ladies and gentlemen!" he cried. "Presenting Their Majesties . . . the Source!"

Everyone inside the chamber bowed before the three leaders. The Source eased into their thrones. The oldest sister – Prue – regarded the gathering with a regal air. "The meeting of the Source's Council will come to order." She glanced at the adjutant. "What is the first subject on the agenda?"

A minion whispered a few words into the adjutant's ear. The latter cleared his throat in a pompous manner. "The first subject on the agenda involves the Fornost Order's search for the . . ."

Cole decided this would be the right moment to make a move. "Before we continue with this meeting, I have an announcement to make."

Loud gasps filled the chamber. Nimue, Raynor and Vornac regarded the half-daemon with horror. Several other daemons stepped aside, allowing the three leaders a clear view of Cole. Prue's eyes narrowed dangerously. "Exactly who are you?" she demanded.

"Cole?" Phoebe cried out in shock. "What are you doing here?"

Prue shot a glance at her youngest sister. "You know him?"

"He's a half-daemon," Phoebe continued. "From the Thorn Brotherhood. Vornac is his sect leader." Her gaze returned to Cole. "What are you doing here? You're not a Council member or a sect leader. And I haven't summoned you."

A derisive snort escaped from the middle sister's mouth. "You've summoned him before?" Piper's dark eyes regarded Cole salaciously. "I can see why."

"What do you want?" Prue demanded coolly.

Cole paused momentarily. He took a few steps toward the three sisters. "I'm here to challenge you for leadership of the Source's Realm."

More gasps followed. Raynor grabbed at Cole's arm. "Belthazor! What are you . . .?" Cole shook off the other daemon's hand.

"You son-of-a-bitch!" Phoebe growled. "Who do you think . . .?"

"Shut up, Phoebe!" Prue retorted. She stared at Cole with suspicious eyes. "Belthazor obviously thinks he's powerful enough to kill us. And I can only wonder why. Especially since it's three to one."

A smirk curved Cole's lips. "Actually . . . it's three to two." At that moment, Olivia stepped forward to stand beside him.

"Who is she?" Phoebe demanded.

Prue glared at the redhead. "Olivia McNeill! Wha . . . what are you doing here? How?"

"It's a long story, Prue," Olivia coolly replied. "Unfortunately, I'm not in the mood to answer." She turned to Cole. "Let's make this reunion short." He nodded.

As the couple faced the Source, the three sisters attacked with energy balls. Cole and Olivia quickly deflected them back at the Halliwells. The energy balls bounced off the trio. "So much for your power," Piper commented snidely. "I say we kill them slow and . . ."

This time, Cole and Olivia attacked. With waves of their hands, they engulfed the sisters in red-hot flames. Screams of pain filled the chamber, until the Halliwells' bodies combusted into balls of fire. Once the fires died down, all that remained of the former Charmed Ones were piles of ash.

"They're . . ." Raynor began in a shocked voice.

Cole finished, ". . . dead." He took Olivia's hand and faced the gathering inside the chamber. "They're all dead. And now . . . there's a new sheriff in town. Namely me. With the deaths of our old leaders, I now proclaim myself as the Source and within a few days, Olivia McNeill as my queen! Does anyone have a problem with this?"

No one answered. Much to Cole's satisfaction. "Good!" The half-daemon faced the adjutant. "Now, where is the Grimoire?"

End of Prologue

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