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Top Ten Favorite Episodes of "CHARMED" (1998-2006)


Below is a list of my ten favorite episodes from the 1998-2006 supernatural series, "CHARMED". Created by Constance Burge and co-produced by Brad Kern, the series starred Shannen Doherty, Holly Marie Combs, Alyssa Milano and Rose McGowan: 



1. (1.04) "Dead Man Dating" - In my favorite episode of the series, the Charmed Ones help the ghost of a recently murdered young man, who needs their help to settle a score with the gangster who murdered him, before an ancient spirit can harvest his soul.

2 - 3.06 Primrose Empath

2. (3.06) "Primrose Empath" - As payback for the trap he had encountered in the last episode, "Sight Unseen", Cole Turner aka Belthazor leads Prue Halliwell to a shut-in that turns out to be a demon cursed with a strong empath ability. Stuck with the ability, Prue is unable to deal with the load of emotions from others.

3 - 3.16 Death Takes a Halliwell

3. (3.16) "Death Takes a Halliwell" - An encounter with the Angel of Death forces Prue to deal with the loss of her loves ones and others she was unable to save. Meanwhile, her sisters Piper and Phoebe help Cole deal with demonic bounty hunters.

4 - 6.10 Chris-Crossed

4. (6.10) "Chris-Crossed" - In this first-rate episode, the Charmed Ones tried to prevent a mysterious woman from the future named Bianca from taking the powers of their new whitelighter, Chris Perry, and conveying him back to the future; unaware that he is Piper Halliwell's younger son.

5 - 2.12 Awakened

5. (2.12)"Awakened" - After purchasing illegal fruit from South America, Piper is infected with a deadly and rare disease called "Arroyo Fever". Prue and Phoebe use an "Awakening" spell to cure her, but the spell backfires with deadly results.

6 - 1.12 The Wendigo

6. (1.12) "The Wendigo" - While changing a flat tire, Piper is attacked by a werewolf-like beast called the Wendigo and the sisters are forced to hunt it down before she becomes a full-fledged one herself.

7 - 3.07 Power Outage

7. (3.07) "Power Outage" - Cole finds a way to break the Power of Three, by utilizing Andras, a demon who creates petty anger within others, against the sisters.

8 - 4.15 The Fifth Halliwell

8. (4.15) "The Fifth Halliwell" - In this slightly perverse episode, new half-sister Paige Matthews feels like a fifth wheel among her happily married sisters and their husbands, but becomes firmly convinced that one brother-in-law, the demonically possessed Cole Turner, is still evil and a demon. Meanwhile new (temporary) Source and The Seer secretly plot to impregnate Phoebe using Cole's possessed body.

9 - 3.01 The Honeymoon Over

9. (3.01) "The Honeymoon's Over" - In the Season 3 premiere, the sisters help police Inspector Darryl Morris deal with a series of demons known as guardians, who help mortal murderers go free in exchange for the souls of their victims. Meanwhile, they first become acquainted with ADA Cole Turner; and their whitelighter, Leo Wyatt, proposes marriage to middle sister Piper.

10 - 4.10 A Paige From the Past

10. (4.10) "A Paige From the Past" - With whitelighter brother-in-law Leo Wyatt as her guide, Paige goes back in time to her teen years, in an attempt to resolve her feelings about the accident that killed her adoptive parents. Meanwhile, ghosts have taken possession of Phoebe and Cole's bodies and Piper must prevent them from fulfilling a mission.

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