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"Double Emnity" (R) - Chapter 4


(Warning: Strong sexual situations)

Chapter 4

Music blasted from the local rock band that performed on P3's stage. Phoebe and Piper sat in two of the private chairs reserved for the sisters, as they watched the nightclub's patrons gyrate to the music. 

"Not a bad group," Phoebe commented. "Who are they, again?"

Piper replied, "Id Control." Phoebe stared at her. "Hey, it was their idea, not mine. I had heard about them from one of my bartenders." She inhaled sharply, catching Phoebe by surprise. "Oh my God," she murmured.

"What?" Phoebe demanded. Her eyes scanned the crowd.

"Don't you see him?" Piper nodded at the customers on the dance floor. "The good-looking guy with the light blond hair. He's dancing with a redhead."

Phoebe's gaze returned to the dance floor. She finally spotted a pale blond man dancing – rather badly – with a leggy redhead. Memories of a deadly female wizard and a magical sword flashed in her mind. "Ohmigod! It's that demon! What's his name?"

"Cirhan," Piper answered. "From the Gimle Order." She waved at the demon several times. He finally caught sight of the two sisters and waved back. "Oh look, he's spotted us."

Phoebe muttered, "Oh great." She had spent their last encounter with Cirhan in a state of hostility toward the demon. If Phoebe had to be honest with herself, most of that hostility stemmed from her own resentment against Cole and Olivia's recent wedding. Cirhan reminded her of how much Cole had grown as an individual . . . and that his relationship with Olivia had been even more responsible for fulfilling his potential than Phoebe's own past with the half-demon. And all because she was too afraid to accept Cole for himself.

"Phoebe," Piper muttered back, "be nice. He's not evil or anything like that."

The younger woman retorted, "I know!"

The music finally stopped. The Gimle demon detached himself from his red-haired companion – much to her obvious displeasure – and joined the two Charmed Ones. "Miss Halliwell," he greeted politely.

Piper invited him to fill the empty seat next to hers. "Call me Piper. And you remember my sister, Phoebe, don't you?"

The Gimle demon regarded the middle Charmed One with slight wariness, before he sat down. "Oh. Yes. Phoebe."

In an attempt to put Cirhan at ease, Phoebe regarded him with a warmer attitude. "It's nice to see you again," she said with a bright smile.

Cirhan's own attitude melted. "Thanks." Then his smile disappeared, as he added, "Weren't there supposed to be three of you?"

"Paige is at home," Piper answered. "With my son, babysitting. I'm the owner here and every now and then I like to be here and make sure that everything is running smoothly."

Surprise lit up Cirhan's light green eyes. "You own this place? It's very nice, but . . ."

"But what?" Piper demanded.

The demon hesitated slightly before he continued, "Well . . . you don't exactly strike me as the type who would own a nightclub."

Phoebe snuck a side glance at her older sister. Piper looked slightly taken aback by Cirhan's comment. She wondered if he was a telepath . . . and knew about her sister's dream to own a successful restaurant.

A tight smile briefly appeared on Piper's lips. "To be honest, I never really saw myself as a nightclub owner, myself." Then she quickly changed the subject. "So, what are you doing here, besides enjoying a night on the town?"

"I'm here in San Francisco on business," the Gimle demon replied. "Another assignment. You know Marbus, right?"

The sisters nodded. "Cole's uncle," Phoebe pointed out.

"Well, he wants me to gather as much information as I can on the Magan Corporation. I started working there about three weeks ago. Since the attempt to destroy the Whitelighter's Realm and the theft of the Haldane Sword has been tied to the Magan Corporation, the Gimle Council has become suspicious of them. Especially since the corporation is controlled by the Khorne Order."

Piper frowned. "So it does have ties to a demonic order."

Cirhan continued, "Oh yes. Actually, I have spotted a few members of that order. I only hope they haven't spotted me." He paused to glance at his redheaded partner, who now stood near the bar. "I've also seen this attorney. A mortal named Cedric Lloyd."

"Olivia's old schoolmate," Piper added. "We've heard of him. I guess it's only natural you would spot him there, considering that he's their attorney."

Phoebe asked, "Do you think it's possible that this Lloyd guy knows that he's working for demons?"

"Oh, I'm quite certain." According to Cirhan, Cedric Lloyd had been in danger of being disbarred over suspicions of bribing a witness, three years ago. "Then the law association for this state suddenly decided they had been mistaken and dropped the charges. Around that time, he began working for the Magan Corporation. He even has a contract with the company."

Both Phoebe and Piper exchanged brief smiles. The sisters found Cirhan's ignorance of mortal customs rather amusing. "I wouldn't worry if I were you," Phoebe said. "Mr. Lloyd had probably signed some employment contract with them. It's quite normal. I had to do the same with the newspaper I work for."

This time, Cirhan glanced at the dance floor. Phoebe noticed that his interest in his red-haired dance partner had not abated. Then he said to the Charmed Ones, "Oh, I'm not talking about the usual employment contract."

"Then what . . .?" Piper began.

"A demonic contract," Cirhan finished grimly. "Between Lloyd and an upper-level daemon named Prax from the Khorne Order. I just came across this information from another daemon named Hazika in the Eshu Dimension. She has a great deal of information on many magical beings – demonic or otherwise. I'm certain that Lloyd knows the exact nature of his employers. And I've also discovered something else. Mr. Lloyd has been seen in the company of two men . . . mortals, I think. They look like officials for some local government. I would have to check. Meanwhile . . ." Again, he glanced at the redhead. Phoebe saw that she was dancing with another man.

Piper added, "Yes? What were you about to say?"

His eyes still fixed upon the dance floor, Cirhan murmured, "Uh, noth . . . I mean . . . that's all I've learned so far. I just need to make a report to Marbus for . . ."

Phoebe glanced at the dance floor. "Um . . . why don't we finish this conversation, some other time?"

"Huh?" Cirhan regarded the two sisters with wide eyes. Phoebe nearly burst into laughter.

Piper's mouth twisted into a slight smile, as she added, "You seem very interested in that girl. The redhead."

"Oh. Her." The demon's face flushed pink with embarrassment. "It's nothing. I, uh . . . I had noticed her at the bar. Well . . . we had noticed each other. And I asked her to dance. That's it."

As delicately as she could, Phoebe added, "But you keep looking at her. Are you still interested in her?"

After a brief hesitation, Cirhan replied, "Um no, not . . . I mean . . ." He sighed. "Yeah, I think I am."

"Then why don't you ask her for another dance?" Phoebe insisted. "It won't hurt. Unless . . . you don't get involved with mortal . . ."

Cirhan quickly added, "Oh that won't bother me. I mean . . ." Again, his face turned crimson. "There was this girl, whose father was a wizard. We uh . . . It didn't end well. Although we had never . . ." He paused, as his expression became more embarrassed. "You know what? Never mind."

Piper quietly said, "Maybe you shouldn't get involved with this gi . . ."

With surprising speed, Cirhan replied, "Oh, but I'm not interested in her that way. I mean, I'm not serious about her. The redhead, I mean. I just . . ."

Phoebe took the bull by the horns. "Cirhan, do yourself a favor, okay? Ask her for a dance. I'm sure that it won't hurt. Trust me."

The fair-haired demon flashed an uneasy smile at the two women. "I guess you have a point. Well . . . wish me luck." He immediately stood up and made his way back to the dance floor.

The moment they were alone, Piper shook her head with disbelief. "This is certainly a first!" she exclaimed. "A shy demon! Who would have thunk? I wonder if he's ever had . . . you know . . . sex with a human?"

"There's a first time for everything," Phoebe replied. An image of Cirhan struggling with the mechanics of human sexuality caused her to burst into laughter.

"What's so funny?" Piper demanded.

Phoebe sighed. "If you only knew."

Piper continued, "Speaking of demons, you're still not planning on talking to Cole about Holly McMillan, are you?"

Phoebe sobered quickly. "So much for enjoying my evening," she muttered.

"Honey, I don't like the idea of Cole defending that woman anymore than you do," Piper continued quietly. "But I don't think that Cole is going to allow you to nag at him about her. As far as he's concerned, you're an ex-wife. He's not concerned about winning your approval. He hasn't been in nearly two years."

Resentment crept into Phoebe's mind. Her lips pressed together, she retorted, "This isn't about Cole, Piper! It's about Holly McMillan. That woman had killed her husband and the last thing she needs . . . or deserves is a defense attorney, capable of getting her acquitted."

"Say that Cole does decide to drop her case?" Piper continued. "What's to stop Holly McMillan from hiring another prominent attorney who can get her acquitted?"

Phoebe realized that she had no answer to Piper's question. And this galled her. But despite her sister's little scenario, she felt determined that her ex-husband would not be the one responsible for that woman's acquittal.


Inside the Turners' bedroom, Olivia laid stretched out on their wide bed, with Cole on top of her. Their mouths were locked in a deep, wet kiss. While their tongues met in hot passion, Olivia allowed her fingers to run through the dark hair on her husband's chest. A pleasure-filled sigh escaped her mouth. She could do this all night.

Then Cole gently turned Olivia on her right side. His body spooned against hers. When she felt his member twitched against the crack of her backside, Olivia allowed herself a satisfied smile. He felt as ready as she did.

Olivia slightly raised her left leg, allowing Cole access into her. He gently nipped her shoulder before impaling his member into the wet folds of her flesh. Deep moans rose from both hers and Cole's throats. One of his hands gripped her thigh and forced her to match the rhythm of his thrusts.

In and out, Cole moved. Faster and faster. Olivia moaned with pleasure, as she felt him stab deeper within her. One of his hands traveled up past her waist, until it cupped one tender breast. His thumb pressed against a taunt nipple and again, she moaned. Then it moved to another breast. Her moans grew louder. So did his.

As their bodies moved faster, Cole's thrusts became harder. Deeper. Until his entire length filled her walls. Unable to hold back any longer, Olivia climaxed and the muscles within her folds ruthlessly constricted his member. He cried out her name and exploded inside her. As she finally fell over the edge, she threw back her head and called out his name.

A peaceful silence enveloped the couple on the bed. Cole slowly removed himself from inside Olivia . . . much to her disappointment. Then he rolled her flat on her back and lowered his mouth upon hers. Aroused, Olivia pressed one hand against the back of his skull, forcing him to deepen their kiss. Once they had parted lips, Olivia commented, "I'm surprised that you're not exhausted right now."

An affectionate smile touched Cole's lips before he kissed the side of her neck. "Trust me, if I wasn't tired, I would be doing a lot more right now." His lips continued to caress the side of her neck, until they finally moved to the hollow of her throat.

"Well, at least you're now in a good mood." A moan escaped from Olivia's mouth as Cole's tongue flickered across her collarbone.

Cole's mouth hovered above Olivia's left breast, as his blue eyes stared into hers. "I've been in a good mood since I came home."

"Is that right?"

The half-daemon leaned down to plant a kiss on her breast. "Yes ma'am. Couldn't you . . .?" A frown appeared on his face. He paused, staring at Olivia's chest.

"What is it?" the redhead demanded.

To her surprise, Cole chuckled. "Did you know there is a freckle right above your left nipple, shaped like Australia? Funny, I never noticed before. No wonder you have such an affinity for that country."

"I never said that I loved Australia," Olivia lightly retorted. "Just . . ."

"Yeah, I know," Cole said, interrupting. "You just happen to like Australian men." He spoke the last sentence in an accent straight from Down Under, surprising Olivia.

She stared at her husband for a long time with feign delight. "Wow! For a minute you were really turning me on with that accent. Why don't you keep it for the rest of the night?"

Cole grabbed Olivia close to his body in a quick move, causing her to squeak. Then he lowered his mouth upon hers. The couple kissed long and hard. "I don't need an Australian accent to turn you on," he murmured against the side of her mouth.

A seductive smile curved Olivia's lips. "Prove it." Cole slipped one hand between her legs, producing a gasp from Olivia. Then he lowered his mouth upon hers one more time and set about doing just that.


Around the same time, two nude figures occupied a large, cast-iron bed inside the master bedroom of an apartment in the city's Marina District. One of them, the fair-haired Cirhan, laid stretched across the bed. His red-haired companion from P3 straddled his waist. The pair moved in unison to the throes of passion.

It had been a long time since Cirhan had sex with anyone, let alone a human. His last visits to Earth had usually lasted three days or less. And they were usually focused upon his current assignment. But this latest assignment regarding the Magan Corporation had kept him in the mortal plane for nearly three weeks. Long enough for him to feel bereft of any companionship.

Meeting the redhead at P3 had been a stroke of luck. Despite his personable appearance, Cirhan possessed an intense, yet reserved nature that did not seem to attract many females. But the redhead – one Briana Morgan – seemed quite taken with him.

"Uh . . . oh! Faster!" Briana gasped between heavy breathing. "Harder!" Cirhan tightened his grip of her hips. Breathing just as heavily, he allowed himself to plunge deeper into her body.

In Himerus' name! She felt good! Hot and tight. Her muscles seemed to literally have his member in a vise. And the sight of her full breasts hovering above his face only increased the passion he felt. He had never met anyone like Briana Morgan – mortal or otherwise.

Loud moans filled the bedroom as Cirhan and Briana's tempo increased. The Gimle daemon felt as if his heart would explode any minute. He could honestly say about the flesh that now thrust into his companion's body. "Oh . . . I don't think . . ." Cirhan's breathing increased. "I don't think I . . . that I can hold . . ."

"Let it go, baby," Briana mumbled between breaths. "Just let it . . . ahhhh!" Unable to contain himself any longer, Cirhan let out a roar as he climaxed and allowed his seed to flow into Briana. A cry fell from her lips, as her torso formed arched upward. The deep rose tips of her breasts hovered in the air.

Then it ended. Briana's body fell upon Cirhan's. His fingers combed through her thick, red curls. She planted light kisses on his damp chest. "I . . . uh," Cirhan tried to control his breathing. "I don't . . . don't think I . . . I can breath. I've never enjoyed . . ."

Briana lifted her head to stare into Cirhan's eyes. There seemed to be a wild glint in those golden brown orbs that he found exciting. "Neither have I," she murmured. The she chuckled before planting another kiss on his chest. "Had sex like that. You know, for someone with such a geeky exterior, you're quite something." She resumed kissing.

When Briana's lips hovered above his left nipple, her tongue flickered across its tip. Cirhan groaned. "That's funny. I'm still . . . having trouble breathing," he declared heavily.

Again, Briana chuckled. "Is that supposed to be a metaphor for something?" Her mouth encircled his now erect nipple.

"No, I . . . I mean I can't . . . I can't breath!" Sure enough, Cirhan felt as if his chest was about to truly explode. A rather odd, post-coital sensation that he has never experienced in the past. Surely . . . Bolts of pain struck his chest. It felt as if it was about to collapse any moment. "Briana! Please . . . I can't . . . my heart . . ."

Briana removed her lips from Cirhan's chest. Her brown eyes now regarded him with a coldness he found unsettling. A disturbing thought flitted across the daemon's mind. He wondered if she was responsible for his condition. He tried to physically remove her from his body, but his arms refuse to budge.

"Don't fight it," the redhead whispered. "It will soon be over."

Dizziness and pain assailed Cirhan's senses. Again, he tried to move. And failed. "Wha . . . what . . . are you . . . doing . . .?" He could barely speak.

"I'm crushing your heart," Briana replied softly. "With telekinesis."

Panic struck the now barely conscious Cirhan. "N-n-no . . . sto . . . Aah!"


The red-haired warlock morphed back into her natural form. She stared into the daemon's lifeless eyes. Then she felt his pulse. Dead. A gust of breath left her mouth. Perhaps she should have considered incinerating him with fire. It would have probably being a lot easier. Only . . . well, she had never even thought about it until now. Still, death by telekinesis seemed to have worked very well.

The idea of killing someone had never bothered Olivia. At least not since she had killed her cousin Dafydd Morgan, two years ago. Using her telekinesis, she had shoved him out of an open window from the Fremont Hotel, because of a scurrilous remark he had made about someone she cared very much about. Both the McNeills and the Morgans went into an uproar and Olivia found herself kicked out of the family circle. Then her former whitelighter, Leo Wyatt, tracked her down to Manhattan. It took several hateful words from his mouth to convince Olivia that she wanted him dead. He had already severed his ties with the Charmed Ones nearly a year earlier. So, she hired a darklighter to kill Leo. And he succeeded.

The deaths of Cousin Dafydd and Leo had eventually set Olivia on the road to becoming a warlock. And she never looked back. When Artemus requested that she kill this Gimle daemon, Olivia felt no remorse over the latter's possible death. But she did dislike the idea of killing someone on the behalf of others. Which explained why she never became an assassin. She reasoned that if she was going to kill, she would rather do so for her own benefit. But the Gimle daemon's death did serve a personal purpose. Or least she hoped it would.

After donning her clothes, Olivia picked up the telephone on the night stand. She dialed the number given to her by Artemus' assistant. "Yes?" a groggy voice answered.

"It's me, Ms. McNeill," Olivia said. "Your Cirhan is dead. Just as Artemus had requested. When will he have the information I need?"

A sigh followed. "It's nearly two in the morning, Ms. McNeill," Prax replied. "Normally this would not bother me . . . if we were somewhere other than the mortal plane. Call me back in the . . ."

"Listen! I have no intention of remaining in this dimension any longer than I have to!" Olivia retorted. "I will meet with Artemus at his home around eight o'clock, sharp. Good night, Prax."

Before the daemon could respond, Olivia hung up. She stared at Cirhan's corpse. Odd. She had expected him to disintegrate upon death. Perhaps it took a certain element to disintegrate a daemon. Or a spell or portion. Olivia's eyes examined the daemon's nude form. She could not help but admire how he kept himself in shape. Surprisingly, he turned out to be a pretty decent lover. It almost seemed a shame to kill him. On the other hand . . .

Olivia waved her hand over the corpse. It disintegrated under a stream of fire. On the other hand, his death also meant access to the other Olivia's home. And she had no intention of spending one more minute with a corpse than she had to.


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"LOST" RETROSPECT: (3.18) "D.O.C."

"LOST" RETROSPECT: (3.18) "D.O.C."

The treatment of "LOST" characters Jin and Sun Kwon has generated a great deal of emotion and some disappointment for the fans of the series. I can understand why. The series' portrayal of the South Korean couple - especially during the last three seasons - has been pretty shaky. But once in a while, viewers were able to see an outstanding episode that featured the Kwons. And one of them happened to be the Season Three episode, (3.18) "D.O.C."

Back in the Season Two episode, (2.16) "The Whole Truth", Sun-Hwa Kwon discovered that she was pregnant. Although initially happy by the news, Sun found herself wondering over the identity of the unborn baby's father. At the time of"The Whole Truth", she had been on the island for two months. The episode's flashbacks revealed her discovery that husband Jin-Soo Kwon was sterile and she was secretly learning English from a former suitor named Jae Lee. Audiences eventually learned in the Season Three episode, (3.02) "The Glass Ballerina" of her affair with Jae. When fellow castaway Kate Austen informed Sun about the doomed fates of pregnant women on the island in "D.O.C.", the latter turned to former Other Dr. Juliet Burke for more information. When Juliet revealed the unborn baby's D.O.C. (Date of Conception), Sun experienced both relief and heartache. 

The episode's B-plot centered around the discovery of an injured parachutist by Charlie Pace, Sayid Jarrah, Hugo Reyes and Desmond Hume. The four castaways tried to find a way to deal with the injured and incoherent Naomi Dorrit. An unexpected savior appeared in the form of an Other named Mikhail Bakunin, who apparently HAD NOT been killed by castaway John Locke in (3.12) "Par Avion". A cat-and-mouse ensured between Mikhail and the Lostaways over Ms. Dorrit's life and the walkie-talkie in her possession.

I must admit that "D.O.C." proved to be one of my favorite episodes from Season Three. And I have to thank writers Edward Kitsis and Adam Horowitz's handling of the plot featuring Sun's baby. Although Naomi Dorrit's appearance proved to be a bigger impact upon the series' major story arc, the dilemma surrounding Sun's baby still managed to pack quite a wallop not only for the Kwons' marriage, but also for defector Juliet. After all, it was Sun's determination to learn about her unborn baby's fate that led audiences to discover that Juliet was a spy planted the Others' leader, Benjamin Linus. Ben, who was obsessed with finding a way to help pregnant women survive on the island, wanted to determine the physical state of the female castaways of child bearing age. This plot was further enhanced by superb performances from Yunjin Kim and Elizabeth Mitchell, whom I consider to be the two best actresses in the cast.

The Kwon baby plot also benefited from an interesting flashback in which Sun found herself blackmailed by a middle-aged woman, claiming to be Jin's mother. Apparently, the woman was a former prostitute who was allegedly unaware of the true identity of Jin's father. Not being the maternal type, she handed over baby Jin to Mr. Kwon, a fisherman and former customer. The woman threatened to expose Jin's parentage and humiliate Sun's family, the affluent Paiks. Personally, I could not see how this subplot had anything to do with Sun's dilemma over her baby's conception date. I suspect that Kitsis and Horowitz wanted to use the mystery over Jin's parentage as a comparison to a similar mystery that hung over the Kwon baby's parentage. Until the writers tossed in a brilliant twist with a revelation that Sun had borrowed money from her father to pay off Jin's mother. Due to her refusal to explain her request, Mr. Paik informed her that Jin would be in debt to him as a personal enforcer - a turn of events that eventually soured the Kwons' marriage. But in the end, Sun's intimidation of her mother-in-law/blackmailer also provided to be the second best moment in the episode. 

Speaking of Jin, he was involved in subplot regarding Naomi Dorrit's arrival on the island. As I had stated earlier, this subplot ended up having a bigger impact on the series' main arc. Oddly enough, I merely found it amusing, but without any real emotional wallop for me. I was surprised to learn that Mikhail Bakunin was still alive, following Locke's so-called "murder" of him in "Par Avion". His so-called resurrection was never really explained in the episode. And why bother having both Hurley and Charlie explain that Kate had told them about Mikhail's death, instead of having Sayid, who had been there, reveal the incident? The subplot did reveal two interesting moments. One, Jin managed to prevent Mikhail from stealing Naomi's walkie-talkie in a neat martial arts move. And the audience and Losties discovered from Naomi that a fake Oceanic 815 plane had been discovered, with all of the passengers dead. And actor Andrew Divoff continued to give an interesting, yet entertaining performance as the Russian-born Other.

Overall, "D.O.C." proved to be a highly satisfying episode for me. Although I found the Naomi Dorrit subplot a little shaky, I felt that the major plot surrounding Sun Kwon's unborn baby benefited from superb writing by Edward Kitsis and Adam Horowitz, along with excellent performances from Yunjin Kim and Elizabeth Mitchell made this one of my all time favorite "LOST" episode.

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"TOTAL RECALL" (2012) Photo Gallery

Below are images from "TOTAL RECALL", the new adaptation of Philip K. Dick's 1966 short story, "We Can Remember It for You Wholesale". Directed by Len Wiseman, the movie stars Colin Farrell, Kate Beckinsale and Jessica Biel: 

"TOTAL RECALL" (2012) Photo Gallery