Friday, October 29, 2010

"CHARMED" 10th Anniversary Season Three Episodes Gallery

This month marked the 10th anniversary of two Season Three episodes from "CHARMED" - (3.01) "The Honeymoon's Over" and (3.04) "All Halliwell's Eve". Below are photos from both episodes celebrating this landmark:


The Season Three premiere episode, (3.01) "The Honeymoon's Over" first aired on October 5, 2000. Directed by Jim Conway and written by Brad Kern, it marked the first appearance of Julian McMahon as the half-human/demon hybrid, Cole Turner aka Belthazor.

(3.01) "The Honeymoon's Over" Gallery


The fourth episode of Season Three featured an episode about Halloween. It also turned out to be a time traveling story in which the Halliwells learn about the origins of their ancestor, Melinda Warren. Directed by Anson Williams and written by Sheryl J. Anderson, the episode aired for the first time on October 26, 2000.

(3.04) "All Halliwell's Eve" Gallery

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