Sunday, February 17, 2008

Thoughts on "JERICHO" (2.01) Reconstruction

Thoughts on "JERICHO" (2.01) Reconstruction

It was nice to see that "JERICHO" had not lost its touch, in the Season 2 premiere. If anything, this episode revealed that the story has raised its stakes a bit. I really enjoyed it. Now, here are some of my thoughts:

*I think I might end up becoming a Heather/Beck shipper . . . even if it never happens. I never thought that Heather had much chemistry with Jake. And Jake is better off with Emily. But Heather and Beck . . . hmmm, such endless possibilities.

*Beck should be considered as a possible regular character, if he is not already one. Will he remain working for this New Alliance? Or will Jake and Robert help him see the light? I think that he is basically a good man.

*As for this New Alliance story arc . . . wow! The story is really going forward. But I do recall that it was first introduced either in the S1 finale or slightly earlier than that. And something tells me that we haven't seen the last of Constantino or the New Bern citizens.

*It's nice to see that Robert no longer keeps Darcy in the dark. With a little more training by him, Darcy might prove to be a worthy ally, as well as a loving wife.

*Stanley and Mimi . . . can they be anymore cuter?

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